About AssetRush

We provide a full range of services to promote tokens. We cooperate with crypto-exchanges, exchangers, and wallets, to list your tokens. Our marketing professionals have extensive experience promoting tokens in the press, on social networks, and other types of media.

Also, we develop market makers to generate permanent growth for your tokens on exchanges.

For reasons of anonymity, we do not disclose information about our customers or about tokens for which we have conducted promotions, as well as other personal information. At the moment, the number of tokens that we have successfully promoted consists of more than 10 and is growing all the time.

Our Team

AssetRush Employee
David Booker
AssetRush Employee
Jenny Goldberg
Advisor, CCO
AssetRush Employee
Mary Giterman
AssetRush Employee
Ana Friedman
AssetRush Employee
Arthur Petersons
Head of sales
AssetRush Employee
Rong Yeung
Sales manager
AssetRush Employee
David Petrachini
Marketing Manager