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  • On Crypto Trading Exchanges your users can earn by trading, sell and buy your tokens, as well as other tokens/currencies.

    We have made special agreements and developed professional partnerships with exchanges for the profitable listing of tokens. Different exchanges have different listing conditions, but we have arrangements to make listings especially beneficial for our customers.

    If you want to have a token listing, select this option. One of our managers will contact you and help you choose exchanges, as well as provide you with the price.

  • In Crypto wallets, your users can reliably and safely keep their tokens. We help select the most popular crypto wallets and we have arrangements to add your tokens to them.

    Also, we have special agreements and professional partnerships with the most popular crypto wallets.

    If you want to add your token to the most popular crypto wallets, select this option. One of our manager will contact you and help you choose the best wallets, as well as provide you with the price.

  • We promote and advertise tokens in all possible ways to provide you with the best results.

    We have extensive experience in professional marketing with crypto currencies and tokens. We have a sizable team of the best marketers who have a diverse experience with different languages and in different countries, including the United States, Europe, China, and others.

    We work in every area of marketing, including SMM, writing articles in print and online magazines, etc., as well as targeted work with users.

    • Expanding your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activities, and follower growth.

    • Guerilla marketing for Reddit and Bitcointalk to promote your Token on behalf of other users.

    • Promoting different token campaigns via various social channels, media and crypto platforms. Available as paid promotion or organic promotion.

    • Paid advertising campaigns for your token. Banner placement, Google Adwords, and Naver campaigns. Advertising optimization for different markets including the Asian market.

  • Our main focus is to create trade volume and developing A.I. to conduct exchanges. For this, we can create highly intelligent bots for automated transactions on crypto exchanges.

    We also use other effective methods and use our own development for creating trade volume. Select this option if you would like to increase your trade volume. One of our managers will contact you, and make a personal offer to you.

  • 24/7 community support on a variety of social network such as: Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk, and Medium. Through these services we work to develop and manage your community’s brand.

    We will actively communicate with users in these social networks to build reliable communities, determine community leaders, and help these communities grow.

    As an additional part of our community management we can also handle Bounty programs. We manage the creation and coordination of the whole Bounty campaign process from our side and will help you increase awareness and popularity of any given project.

    • 24/7 Telegram chat support, live communication, and Telegram chat promotions.

    • Reddit page promotion, increasing the number of followers, achieving popularity grow among Reddit users.

    • Uptoping Bitcointalk token thread, generating active discussions in the community, and attracting new users.

    • Creating and moderating various bounty campaigns. Crowdsourcing critical parts of the marketing and protocol analysis by rewarding the community for specific tasks.

  • Specialising in branding, website design, graphic and social media design we enjoy a close working relationship with each of our clients and helps to improve their reputation and business performance.

    • Building top quality websites that will keep your visitors engaged during their buying process.

    • Creating UX friendly landing pages to customers’ requirements.

    • Designing brochures and advertising materials (Both digital and printed)

    • Designing social media pages and forums, developing a post-picture style.

    • Developing personal or company brand design.

  • Development of brand perception in the market. Constructing a positive relationship and image within a target group.

    • Developing personal brand image, Promoting social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) developing professional connection networks. Creating and publicizing images of the personal across the cryptoworld.

    • Using different social networks to help spread positive information about the brand Developing Company pages via Linkedin

    • Building a strategy to help the brand be more competitive

  • The technical support for blockchain projects is done by writing smart contracts, white papers, and creating token economic pages, as well as code review options.

    • Creating Ethereum Smart Contracts

    • Different technical complicated white papers written by the Ethereum developers.

    • Creating a token’s economic page for investors

    • Technical support for blockchain projects